Monday, June 2, 2014

The packing begins!

I recently realized that I've been working hard for weeks for essentially one night: the Meet the Teachers Reception.  It's a huge night, though, and I want to have as much done as possible so I have a table full of different kinds of designs and kits.

Today I started packing.  I went through my kit bin and made sure my inventory program matched what I had in stock (and made adjustments where there were differences - I don't know how that happens).  I packed the bin more efficiently than I had in the past, so we won't need to bring the small box that held the big keys and the tools.  It's filled to the brim:

I kept the kits for my class (Cobblestone Path) out so I don't have to go digging on Friday.  I'm happy to have three kinds of Xuron tools for sale: Fireline scissors, 4 in 1 Crimpers, and Split Ring Pliers.

I'm glad I had a few sample frames already made that I could use for Hera's Seduction and SDN15:

They still need labels, but that won't take very long.  I'm really glad I won't have to make another sample frame.  I seem to always do that at the last minute.

Other things that need to be packed I've been putting on top of my show rolling cabinet:

It looks like Frisco wants in on the action.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning my desk (the kit-making clutter been driving me crazy) and writing the SDN15 Basics and Earrings tutorial.  I think I can finish it tonight, and tomorrow I can write the add-on tutorials for SDN15 - Captive Crystal earrings and SDN15 - Dino-spine bracelet and reversible pendant.  Those shouldn't take very long because the Basics tutorial covers all of the, uh, basics.  :)

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