Sunday, June 29, 2014

Guest post - Jill and her sewing and carpentry exploits

Frequent readers of my blog will know all about the Xuron 4 in 1 Crimper giveaway I'm hosting.  If you're new, hi!  Welcome to my blog!  I hope you like it and will stick around.  For information on the giveaway, click here.  The deadline is 6/30 at 5p Central time, so send in your entry immediately!

Jill is the wife of one of Steve's coworkers.  Her new baby is the recipient of the sweater I've been talking about.  I'm not going to post the link here because I don't want her to see it before it's done.  :)  The problem with the sweater is that the baby was born just a short time ago, and I'm knitting a 0-3 month size.  That was a poor choice on my part.  It will be far too warm to wear a sweater, even though some nights have been a bit chilly.  I've talked with Jill, and I'm going to make a larger size so he can wear it at a more appropriate temperature.

Jill writes the Braver Homes and Gardens blog and makes all sorts of things, including her beautiful wedding dress with polka dot accents!  Click here for her blog post about this adorable dress and  button bouquet.

She sent in three projects for today's blog: pillowcases, a dress that's nearly finished, and a grill tool cabinet.

The pillowcases were made in an attempt to weed out her fabric stash.  In her blog post on the subject, she writes:
I came across this piece of fabric and immediately thought "this would've made good pillowcases" and threw it on the giveaway pile.  Then I thought, "Well why give this away when pillowcases are so easy?"

Good thought!  Here are the finished pillowcases on the bed:

and up close:

Unsurprisingly, I find the fabric very pretty.  :)

Here's the dress she's almost done with:

I sure hope her husband takes her out for a night on the town when this is done!

And for Father's Day, the boys (well, actually, it was Jill - they're too little for this kind of project) made their father a grill tool cabinet:

Functional and cute!

I believe Jill plans on writing blog posts about these projects, so keep an eye on Braver Homes and Gardens!

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