Thursday, June 5, 2014

A few videos from Bead&Button Show vendors

After last night's Meet the Teachers Reception, I didn't do much today.  I was able to finish the keys page of my shop to have all of the holiday patterns.  That was quite a job, but I'm glad it's done!  It looks really nice, if I do say so myself.

When I was taking photos and videos off of my camera last night, I found the two videos I took during the Art Glass and Bead Show in Madison last March.  I posted pictures of a bunch of vendors you might see in the Marketplace or walking around the Bead&Button Show this week, but I haven't posted the videos yet.

Now is a perfect time, since both vendors in the videos have booths in the Marketplace.

I had aspirations of getting snippets of advice for small business owners from a number of vendors, but my camera had other ideas.  I had run my battery down, and after two videos I was about out.  I was able to take pictures, but that was it.  After the two snippets of advice I did get, it's probably best I didn't get more - those two made me exhausted just thinking about following their advice!

This is Brenda Schweder, creator of Now That's a Jig!  Her booth on the Show floor is #1008.  Her advice is something that I've been following at least the last 3-4 weeks as I was getting ready for last night's affair.

My second video from the Art Glass and Bead Show is with Diane Tarullo.  Her booth is #1140.  I seemed to be following her advice, too - I worked really hard to get the SDN15 tutorials done, even staying up really late the night before the show!

The final video for tonight is from Reenie Oliveto.  I posted a picture of her yesterday.  I took two videos of her - one I'll share tonight and one I'll share another time when I review her Easy Knotter tool.

In this video Reenie shows how her Bracelet Valet works.  If you have problems putting on your bracelets, give this a look:

Tomorrow (Friday) is a busy day for me!  I'm going to visit each of these vendors plus a lot more, and my class is tomorrow night.  I'll post pictures from the Marketplace and whatever else strikes my fancy.

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