Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bead&Button Show Aftermath

Do you know about the giveaway I'm doing for two Xuron 4 in 1 Crimper tools?  Click here for all the details.  The gist is that I would like you to send me pictures and a description of a recent project you've done, and I'll post it here on the blog.

Today I'm going to quickly show you some of the things I got at the Bead&Button Show (for my mini tours, click here for the most recent one, and you can get to the others from there).  The pictures aren't the best because I'm still really tired and didn't want to mess with fixing the lighting and such in Photoshop.  I have Fibromyalgia, and after a weekend like this one (and all the work leading up to it), I'm going to be dragging for probably the next week or more.  So, if you'd like to help me out by sending me things to blog about, I'd appreciate it, and you could win a great Xuron tool!  (See the above paragraph for the link.)

Remember how clean my desk was at the beginning of April?  If not, read up on it here.  I did really well until I started making kits for the Meet the Teachers Reception.  Here's how my room and desk look now:

I have a lot of work ahead of me!  I took the big things off so I had some space to take pictures.

Like I said, this is going to be quick.  I'm not going to say a lot, but I'll provide links where I can.

Here are the tools I came home with:

On the top is the Easy Knotter from Designs by Reenie and a leather punch from Funky Hannah's.  On the bottom is bent nose tweezers from Xuron and the One Step Big Looper that I bought from Panache Gems & Beads.

I just had to buy the cute kitty pendant and beads from Priscilla Marban.  I showed you Priscilla's booth in my Marketplace Day 1 post.  My friend Kate bought the same set but with a gray background, and I squealed that we should make matching jewelry.  She agreed, but I think she was a little scared.  :)  I also took Carol from yesterday's post by the hand to Priscilla's booth so Priscilla would believe me that I talk about her.

These beads came from Raven's Journey.  I showed you their booth in my Marketplace Day 2 post.  I love the color of the leaves and the color and shapes of the other beads.  I can't wait to use them!

This enormous bag of black O beads came from York Beads.  I showed you Perry and his booth in my Marketplace Day 3 post.  I sure hope I can come with a design that will use all or most of these beads!

This silk cord came from Designs by Reenie for use with the Easy Knotter shown above.  You may remember the Bracelet Valet video I showed you last week.  I have another video from Reenie for the Easy Knotter, and I'm hoping to review it this Friday.  This cord is insanely inexpensive.  If you need it - check out Reenie's good selection of colors here.

It's always nice to stop by the Toho booth for their sample card.  It was from one of these sample cards that I got the Permanent Finish gold and silver beads for the Hera's Seduction earrings.  What can you make with just one tiny pack of beads?

You may remember the key from a few days ago.  It's from Tammy Rae Wolter, and I showed you her booth in my Marketplace Day 1 post.  The seed beads are from Out on a Whim, and the crystals are from India Gems (see below).  They all pick up colors from the key or the bead, and I know just what I'm going to do with them!

India Gems had a closeout sale on 4mm Chinese crystal.  If you bought 5 or more strands, they were $2 each, which is really unheard of.  I got enough of those purple beads for the above project (at least) and a bunch of other colors that I can probably make some kits with!

Back at Out on a Whim I bought Super Duos and 15/0s for another SDN15 - Dino-spine bracelet.

Finally, at Beadcats (shown in my Marketplace Day 2 post), I bought snap clasps and little leaves.

I also got some Swarovski swag at the Meet the Teachers reception and a sample of little purple flowers as a sample from Rio Grande, who also was handing out snacks at one point.  I appreciated those, too.  :)

That's about it.  I have more than enough to keep me busy for a long time, so check back in for what I make with it all!

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