Monday, May 19, 2014

Pendant to match Dino-spine bracelet

I had a frustrating hiccup in creating my online shop today, so I needed to spend a little time beading.  Also, I was planning on wearing my Dino-spine bracelet to the Loose Bead Society meeting, and I wanted a necklace that would match.

Here's the bracelet:

When I was stitching it, I noticed that there were gaps at each point.  I wondered if I could get a string or thin necklace in there, and today I determined that I could (with a little help - read on).

I stitched one triangle:

In the second picture, you can kind of see the gap.

I took a crochet hook and put it through the gap and hooked the clasp:

I pulled it through, and it worked wonderfully!

The chain was a little shorter than I wanted tonight, so I restrung it on another necklace.  Here I am with it on so you can see the necklace in action and so you can see my new haircut:

I got a lot of compliments on the pendant and the bracelet tonight.  I need to get going and write up those instructions!

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