Tuesday, June 3, 2014

SDN15 - Captive Crystal earrings #3 (last time, I promise!)

I'm in the final stretch of getting ready for the Meet the Teachers Reception at the Bead&Button Show.  It's tomorrow night (Wednesday, 6/4) from 8p-11p.  The car is mostly packed, and the only thing I really have to finish is the tutorial for the SDN15 - Dino-spine bracelet.  Well, I also have to update a number of pages on my shop for the new designs and kits, but that technically could be done on Thursday.  It should all be possible before the show, though.

Today I wrote the SDN15 - Captive Crystal earrings tutorial.  I hadn't taken any process shots yet, so I made a new pair of earrings using a light gray and a non-AB red (Swarovski's Light Siam - it's a gorgeous color).  If you missed the first two, you can see them here and here.

There's so much more I think I can do with the technique used to make the earrings, but that will have to wait until after I've rested up a bit.  In the meantime, here is my new pair of earrings:

I went "old school" on the earring loops for the tutorial and used chain nose pliers, round nose pliers, and cutters.  The One Step Looper has me spoiled, and I never want to go back to doing it the old way again!

Here is my schedule for the next few days:
  • Wednesday - Meet the Teachers Reception.  If you're going, please stop by and say hi!  When you walk in, I'll be in the right bank of tables, fourth bank back.  Click here for the layout and look for Traci Otte.  That will be easier.  :)  I will take some pictures and blog about it when I get home.  It'll be very late, so don't wait up.
  • Thursday - I'm home all day.  I'll see if I can finish that triangle spiral bracelet I showed you a week and a half ago.
  • Friday - I'm at the Show all day.  I'm working at the Loose Bead Society booth, then I'll meander around the Marketplace and have dinner before my class, Cobblestone Path, which starts at 5.  You can still register for my class - I'd love to have you!  I'll post some pictures from the Show and maybe from my class.
  • Saturday - Steve and I are going shopping.  He always finds something interesting for a challenge for me.  Once the Show is over, I really should get going on some of those past challenges.  Oops!
  • Sunday - I'm volunteering at the Loose Bead Society booth again, then I'm meeting my cousin for, yes, more shopping.  I'm meeting Xuron Abby and Ashley for dinner, and if they'll let me, I'll post about that.
  • Monday - collapsing then going to the Loose Bead Society meeting.  I don't know what I'll post about that night.
After that, we'll be back to our normal "blogging about whatever and not necessarily everything about the business" schedule.  I have a baby sweater to finish for a baby who's already been born.  The size I'm knitting is 0-3 months, which is problematic.  It will probably be too hot for the baby to wear while it fits him.  I may end up knitting a larger size.

But for now, it's back to tutorial writing for me!

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