Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"Faux-Mobius loop" spiral earrings

In yesterday's Loosey-Goosey Stick Spiral Fringe earrings post I mentioned that I had another spiral earring to show you.  I made this sample in black and pink:

It looks a little like a Mobius strip, so I'm going to call this design "Faux-Mobius Loop Earrings".  This is a great way to use just two Rizos.  I'm sure daggers or other shaped beads could also be used with only a slight modification.

I found it challenging to spiral "the other way".  I always hold my spirals to the right, but to get it to twist the other way on the second earring I had to hold my spirals to the left.  The other challenging part was to work with both threads when closing up the loop.

If the core (light pink) beads look a little odd to you, there's a good reason for that.  I used Toho Reflections from the sample card I received at the Bead&Button Show.  According to the card, they are "Night Reflective Beads" for "Safety, Fun and Fashion".  They're like those reflective strips you see on streets.  I don't know how well the beads would help someone not get run over, but they were interesting to work with, since they glowed under my task light.

Here's how one of the earrings looks without a direct light shining on it:

You can see the pink a little more in this picture, but it's still a bit light.

Have you done anything with the Reflections beads?  I'd love to see it and to know what you think about it.  Send me a picture with your thoughts to, and I'll post it here.  Side benefit:  if you send it to me before 6/30/2014, you'll be entered into my Xuron 4 in 1 Crimper tool giveaway!

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