Saturday, May 24, 2014

Two-holed triangle spiral success!

Steve and I have finished watching all the X-Men movies we're going to so we can go see the new one tomorrow.  While we were doing that I spent my time wisely.  I finished making the Riding the Waves kits, then I decided to "relax" by working on that two-holed triangle spiral technique I discussed a week and a half ago in Color conundrum.

In that post I discussed how I hated the colors, but the technique also needed a little work.  The piece was a little too difficult to stitch.  When I can't sleep, I sometimes think of beading, either what I'm going to write in a tutorial, beads I'd like to work with next, and different techniques.  For a few nights I thought about this spiral and how the technique could be altered to make it less rigid and easier to stitch.

Tonight I tried the altered technique with gray and purple instead of the "flame" colors that didn't work for me before, and I'm much happier with the result:

The stitched part is about 4.5" long, a little over half what I'd need for a bracelet.  It's still a little tight in spots, but it looks so much better than the other one.  I was afraid it would still be too rigid and wouldn't curve around a wrist, but it seems to bend just fine.

Here's a closer look at the middle part:

Even though opaque triangles would stand out more, I just love the color of these.

It's pretty slow-going - I essentially stitched what I have during two X-Men movies - so it'll be a while before I have a full bracelet to show you.  It may have to wait until after the Bead&Button Show.

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