Saturday, February 1, 2014

Pink RAW

Hi, all!  Quickie post today because we're braving the snow to go to Illinois.

Since I posted on Thursday, I've made:

  • a new sun decal for an Etsy sale.  This one was bigger than the one I cut a week and a half ago.
  • friends with Sally, the creator of knitCompanion, and she promoted yesterday's post about my offer of free beading patterns with donations to her Kickstarter campaign.
  • a big mess in my studio as I looked for materials I can use to make new jewelry for the Gardens and Gears show I've been talking about.
Next week should bring about a whole bunch of new adventures and jewelry to talk to you about.  But for today... I'm going to play with a baby.  And see my mother, stepfather, and the baby's parents, but they know the baby is the main attraction.  :)

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