Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Achoo! (or, I'm taking a sick day)

Hi, all,

I hate to break my creating-and-blogging-every-day-in-2014 streak, but I'm sick.  My husband doesn't want me to work at all today, so this post is pushing it.  I keep saying, "I have too much to do!" and he keeps saying, "Sick people need to rest."  I wouldn't mind resting if I could sleep, but my nose rarely stops running, and my head is throbbing, so lying down isn't very relaxing.

To tide you over until I feel better, here's an in-process bracelet I'm stitching using the innards of that computer keyboard I showed you a while ago:

It's buckling a little in between the flowers.  It will curve around the cuff okay, but I'm not positive I'll have enough of the silicone part to reach all the way around the cuff.  I cut it bigger this time, but I guess not enough.  I may take the flower on the right out and straighten things out.

But now I need to go back to bed.  If I'm still feeling this crappy tomorrow, I'll show you some resin things I made that didn't turn out.

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