Sunday, February 2, 2014

Vintage dragon dominoes

Last week I showed you some stamped dominoes where some of them had alcohol inks as the background.  Those dominoes are the "new" style.  Did you know that there are vintage dominoes that are black and had a raised design on the back?

I first discovered these in my mother's basement.  She had a few sets - a sort of filigree design and a Statue of Liberty.  A few years ago I found a set with lions at an antique shop, and this week my dad sent me a set with dragons!  He found them in an antique shop.  The box is in perfect condition, and the dominoes don't look like they've ever been played.  The instructions are pristine, too, and the only clue to how old they are is that Halsam Products Co. is in "Chicago 13, ILL."  I'm sure there's something online that could tell me how old that is, but I haven't been able to find it yet.

While the vintage/antique dominoes are beautiful, the design doesn't stand out very much, so it's not ideal for jewelry.  Here's the filigree domino:

After some very careful inking of the raised areas, the design stands out and is perfect for a pendant:

Today I experimented with my new dragon dominoes and some new "Brilliance" metallic inks I purchased just for them:

The one in the middle is un-inked so you can see the difference.  The top row is using "Starlite Silver", the middle left is using "Platinum Planet", the middle right is using "Cosmic Copper", and the bottom row is using "Galaxy Gold".  All I have left to do is spray a sealer on top and glue bails on the back.

Yesterday I mentioned that we were going to visit my cousins' baby.  I would be remiss if I didn't show you just how adorable she is, especially in her interactions with Steve:

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