Thursday, February 20, 2014

Resin vial that didn't work well

I'm still sick, so this post will be short.  I mentioned yesterday that if I was still sick I'd show you a resin project I tried that didn't work.

There are basically two types of resin: the kind you mix that cures on its own with time and a UV resin that cures under a lamp.  I like the UV resin because I don't like mixing OR waiting.  I'm a trifle impatient.

Remember in my enameling post a while ago I showed you two small locks?  I wanted to have those and two small keys "floating" in resin in a vial I had found in an antique store.

Because the vial was round on the bottom, I took a glob of polymer clay and pressed the vial into it so it could stand up on its own.  The vial was taller than the opening of the UV lamp, so I turned the lamp on its side:

Here's a closer look at the vial with the first key being cured:

What I tried to do was to put some resin in and after part of it was cured I put another key or lock in.  Unfortunately, the top layer cured very quickly, so I couldn't easily press the next component in right where I wanted it.  Also, since the vial's opening is very narrow, the resin wouldn't drop right down the center.  It kept dripping on the sides.

I ended up with a piece with a lot of bubbles around the components, odd air pockets in other places in the vial, and globs of resin around the opening:

It doesn't look at all like I wanted it to look.  I have other vials that I can experiment with, and I have friends who have more experience with resin than I do who I can ask for information.  I will try again (eventually).

Now I have to go back to bed.  Hopefully by tomorrow I'll feel up to making something new for you, although it might end up being a simple pair of earrings.  Maybe I'll add a quote to my quote book.

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