Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Star of David mini key for earrings

Almost a month ago I posted this about a Star of David key pendant I designed.  I mentioned that I modified the pattern to have two Stars instead of one because I couldn't shrink the pattern to have some white space at the end of the design.

I also designed a mini Star of David for the matching key earrings.  I knew I couldn't get the exact look of the Star in such a small area, but I thought I could "fake it" by having white nubs in the right places of the blue star.  Unfortunately, it just looked odd:

There's no telling what that is.  I took the nubs out, and it looks a lot better to me:

I think it's cute, and I hope it doesn't offend anyone!

Here is the finished key next to the finished Star of David pendant key:

I have also updated the graphic on my key information page, so that's finished until I design another holiday pattern.  Any requests?  Leave a comment here or e-mail me at traci@creative-pursuits.biz.

Look what I received in the mail today:

That's right - a sample of the Xuron split ring pliers!  I can't wait to try them out, and on Friday I will give a full report of the comparison between these and my "Bead Buddy" pliers I reviewed a week and a half ago.  Thanks, Xuron!

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