Friday, January 31, 2014

knitCompanion review update

In August I reviewed the knitCompanion app as great for more than just knitting and crocheting.  If you haven't seen that, please read that post first so the rest of this will make sense.  I'll wait.

::hums Jeopardy tune::

Welcome back!  In my review I showed you how knitCompanion can be used for beading projects and keeping track of which row you're on in peyote charts.  Since I downloaded this app I have only used a paper chart once, and it was torture.  Well, no, it wasn't really torture, but it did take a lot more concentration.  It is so much easier to use knitCompanion - I move the slider for each row, and if I have to put the stitching down for any reason I don't have to wonder where I left off.  It's amazing.

I use the app for knitting, too, of course.  Before I even picked up the needles for the Owl and the Pussy Cat baby hat I highlighted everything for the size I was making.  I'm glad I did it, because I put the hat down during the Christmas selling season, and I had forgotten which size I had decided to make.  I could have figured it out, but that would have involved a lot of counting.  Because I had taken the time to highlight, I didn't have to give it a second thought.  I had moved the slider down and updated my round count as I knit, and when I picked it back up again I didn't skip a beat or drop a stitch.

Since I wrote the review there are now ads in the free version.  They're not obtrusive, so I don't mind them much.  They have to pay for everything somehow, and ads help them do that.  Another new thing since my review is that they have come up with different subscription options in case the full price ($15.99) is too much.  It's only 99 cents to have full access for 15 days, so if you'd like to see if the full version would be better for you, you're only out a dollar.

I have had one problem since one of the updates:  Sometimes the screen goes partially blank when I'm switching between apps or moving things around.  It's easily fixed - I load a new page then go back to the last one - so I'm not upset about it (not that I could be upset about something in an app I haven't paid for).  I'm sure they're working on it.

Speaking of what they're working on... I mentioned in my review that knitCompanion is available only for Apple devices.  They're now trying to raise money through KickStarter so they can expand to Android devices.  They have quite a ways to go to reach their goal and only 17 days left.  Please check out their KickStarter campaign and donate if you can.  If nothing else, watch the video.  It's funny!  If you can't donate, please share the link on your Facebook page or on Pinterest to get the word out.  (I couldn't use my "Pin It" button for some reason, so I had to add the page directly from Pinterest.)

I really believe in this app and would like to help them out.  For anyone who donates $25 or more to their Kickstarter I will send a PDF of your choice of peyote beading patterns:

  • My "Triple Goddess" pattern that I designed for this necklace:

    The offered pattern will be just for the flat rectangle Goddess part - not the tapering or any of the embellishments.  I wish I had knitCompanion when I stitched this.  My eyes were crossed and blurry by the time I was done!

  • My full "Shadowed Diamonds" bracelet tutorial:

    Learn how to stitch odd count peyote and use knitCompanion to read the chart.
Donate $50 or more, and you'll receive both PDFs!

After you donate, forward the confirmation e-mail to and tell me which design you want, and I'll send the PDF.  There is no personal information (credit card info or address) on the confirmation e-mail, so please include your name just for my records.

My husband asked why I want to be involved with this app and its Kickstarter campaign so much.  I couldn't give him more of an answer than, "I really like it!!"  Thinking about it a bit more, I think it's because I love any tool that helps the creative person spend more time creating.  I have a stamp index of most of my rubber stamps so that I can more quickly find the perfect stamp for my project (it needs updating, but it still gets the job done).  The One Step Looper helps me make simple earrings in a fraction of the time.  I have spent more than enough time trying to figure out where I am in a peyote chart and in a knitting pattern I haven't looked at in months (my regular readers will know I'm talking about the damnable hooded cardigan), not to mention finding the knitting pattern.  With just a little bit of work up front (getting the PDF into Dropbox and/or knitCompanion and setting up all the highlighting and zooming and all that), I can spend the bulk of my time knitting or beading.  I want to support anyone who helps me do that.

I just donated $25.  Can you do the same?

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