Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Domino gluing (not exciting but necessary)

I've mentioned before that this weekend is the Loose Bead Society spring retreat and that I'm teaching my stamped domino class.  Part of that preparation is gluing the bails on the dominoes so once the sealer is dry (about 24 hours after spraying), the piece can be worn with no further delay.

I had some problems with the last batch I glued, so last night I got settled on the couch to sand the dominoes, bails, and a few pin backs.  Sanding the surfaces gives them some "teeth" instead of being super smooth, and the glue will hopefully work better.  The Voice premiere was on, so I didn't mind doing it.  I glued more than enough for ten students, guessing on how many dominoes should be portrait and how many should be landscape.  I also did 5 pins.  In my experience, pins have not been as popular as pendants.

Have you ever wondered - in the middle of the night when you can't sleep - what 45 drying dominoes look like?  Here - I'll help you out:

That's so exciting I'm sure it'll put you to sleep in no time.  I know I was lulled into a near-drowsy state while sanding.  Perhaps that's what I should do the next time I have insomnia.

While I was going through the dominoes I saw a number of them with the same number of dots on each half.  I'm sure there's a name for that, but I've never played dominoes.  I thought they were cute, so I picked one with purple dots, sanded and glued the bail on the blank side, and applied some "Slate" (gray) alcohol ink to give it a bit of a marble look.  When I dabbed it with alcohol after inking, some brown elements came out.  That was odd, but I think it's subtle and adds depth:

It's really hard to see in the picture.  The color of the dots is a bit redder in real life, but you get the idea.

In non-domino related news, Steve has caught my cold.  He's absolutely miserable and is currently under the influence of Nyquil.  I hope he feels better soon so he can frolic while I'm in Racine frolicking.

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