Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Romantic watch part necklace

When I showed you the pocket watch yesterday, I mentioned all the watch parts I extracted from my mother's old and broken watches.  Part of the pile was a watch back that I thought was really neat:

I picked through the other parts and thought that a few of them looked like the heads and necks of some odd technological animal.  I put those together with some very tiny gears to make a romantic scene:

I cut out some Japanese paper and sealed it to the bottom of the watch back and tested to make sure the parts would fit:

I poured the first layer of resin.  I let that cure under the UV lamp then added more resin.  Unfortunately, the bumpiness of the big pieces was taller than the indented area of the watch back, so I had problems getting the resin to dome the way I wanted it to.  I also didn't seal the paper enough, so there are a few dark spots.  There are also a few areas in the resin that don't look quite right.

The thing I don't like about resin is that you get what you get.  You have to either pitch it and start over or live with it.  I didn't want to lose the watch parts, so I've chosen to live with it.  I took a chain apart and attached it to the holes at the top of the piece for a necklace, and I decided to leave the bottom holes open.  I could dangle something there, but it was pretty long when I tried it on, and anything dangling would get "lost in the shadows".  Even with everything wrong with it, I think it's cute:

I have another set of the "kissing figures", so I can do something like this again.  Next time, I'm going to find a deeper bezel so I can completely encase the pieces in resin and not have to worry about making a big mess (like I did this time).

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