Friday, February 28, 2014

Spring retreat day 1

Happy retreat day!  It's late into day 1, and hilarity has already ensued.  Walking from one side of the room to the other is tricky and a little hazardous - there are bags and cords and all kinds of things all over the place.

Here is the table where I'm sitting:

From left to right is Judy, Kathy, Cindy, Sue, a space where I sit, and Kate.  They're all laughing not because I was particularly witty but because Robert Dancik was behind me doing I don't know what - bunny ears or something.  The other two chairs are now taken by Amy and Nancy. 

Here's the middle of the table:

I don't know if you can tell what all is there, but we will not be going hungry.  This was relatively early in the day. More has been dumped there since. 

After dinner, the booze came out:

Judy brought two of those big bottles, and Sue brought two of these:

Judy wins. :)

I am working on my keyboard innards bracelet. I've finished the top bit, and I'm working on the edging:

I should be done with this tonight or tomorrow. The apricots help with the creativity.

Here's one final picture for you:

The caption for this photo is, "Not having done any beading since October, anonymous LBS member digs through her bag for something to work on."

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