Sunday, April 20, 2014

This Easter Egg looks better

Happy Easter!

We had an eventful day today.  We went out to dinner with my mother and stepfather (John) at a nice, high-end restaurant.  Dinner was pleasant, but when we got to the car we found this:

The car on the right - the one perfectly within the yellow lines - is John's.  Let's look at that from the front, shall we?

Thank goodness for iPhone cameras, huh?

The restaurant called the police and finally found the owner.  She came out and said, "I don't remember doing anything like that.  What time did you get here?" like John would have somehow wedged his car up on hers then crawled through the passenger side to get out.  She maintained that she couldn't have done that without noticing (duh) and kept trying to figure out if she arrived before we did.  Anyway, the officer said it definitely looks like the woman was at fault, but she couldn't issue a citation because it happened on private property.  Ugh.  Information was exchanged, and insurance companies will be contacted.

The damage isn't extensive, but it's the principle of the thing.  Even if she hadn't noticed the hit, wouldn't she have noticed that she was way crooked and over the line as she walked behind her car to get to the restaurant?  I guess it's good she was dim - if she had just moved her car, we wouldn't have known what happened.

Now onto to a happier, if much shorter, topic...

After yesterday's debacle, I decided to stitch an Easter Egg I knew would look a lot better:

This is from my Tubed Key Holiday collection.  If I'd have thought about it, I could have stitched it yesterday so I could have worn it today.  Oh, well.  Now I have it for next year, or maybe I'll put it up for sale on Etsy when the time is right.

If you're interested in any of my Tubed Key tutorials (holiday or not) or kits, all of the information can be found here.

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