Monday, April 14, 2014

Continuing saga of the possible something

I had a very busy day today!  It started at the car dealer getting an oil change and emissions test, then I drove down to Illinois for visits with many people and dogs.  I had dinner at a diner on the way north, and I beaded at a friend's before coming home.

If you've missed the first parts of my "possible something", you can catch up here and here.  When we last left off I had stitched five triangles.  I was able to complete another three, so I'm up to eight:

I still have a long way to go.  I'm still concerned about the curve, but the zigzagging I talked about might resolve itself on its own once the bracelet is put on.  There was discussion tonight about bracelet vs. bangle, and I hear that bracelets are more popular than bangles.  If that's the case, then I have fewer triangles to stitch.  I may end up making both to see if they both work.  That's a lot of stitching, but I like my tutorials to be thorough.

When I was done with the eighth triangle, I played around with the piece.  If I stitched a ninth one to the first one with a twist in the middle, I could have something very interesting:

Picture the ninth triangle up at the top where my finger is.  I don't know if it could be used for a pendant or another jewelry component.  It might make an interesting beaded sculpture.

I am home all day tomorrow, so if I'm not sleeping I should get a lot done on this and/or the baby pullover.

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