Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Might as well finish the set (purple wrapped loop necklace)

Monday I made earrings.  Yesterday I made a matching bracelet.  Today when I was contemplating what I would do, I had two options: try to finish the triangle bracelet or make the necklace that matched the earrings and bracelet.  Since I haven't quite figured out how to attach the clasp for the triangle bracelet (it really needs a name) and still have at least 4 more triangles to make, I decided to make the necklace.  Once I'm finished blogging, I'll get to work on designing the clasp mechanism so hopefully I can show you a finished bracelet tomorrow.

If you recall from yesterday, I had nine of those purple glass beads left.  There were five cylinders, three round ones, and one teardrop.  I couldn't be completely symmetrical with that count, but if I pretended that the teardrop was round, I could.  A teeny bit of asymmetry is nice every once in a while.  I found some small round beads that matched really well.  They're something between pink and purple and are transparent enough to blend in with the larger beads.

Yesterday I created the bracelet by starting with the clasp ends and working toward the center.  For the necklace, I knew what I wanted the middle bead to be, so I worked out from the center.  I interspersed a few of the small rounds between the bigger beads but remembered my mission was to use all of those purple glass beads.

Here's how it looked after a few segments:

My necklace beading board is still missing, but my trusty ruler worked just fine for what I was doing.  I centered the bead at the 8.5" mark because I wanted the necklace to be around 17" before I added the clasp so the finished necklace would be around 18". 

Here's the entire finished necklace:

Here's a closeup of the middle bit on a lighter background:

Okay - now that those beads are used up, I'm going to go work on the triangle bracelet.  Sawtooth?  No, I just looked at sawtooth images.  The bracelet doesn't have that kind of slant.  It's more like a zigzagging zigzag.  Anyone have any ideas?  Leave a comment here, please!

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