Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bead-It-Forward assembly night at Kalmbach #2

Two weeks ago I blogged about the Bead-It-Forward project and the assembly night held at Kalmbach.  If you missed that, I highly recommend clicking here and reading that post before continuing on.  If you don't, you'll get mighty confused, because I'm not going to repeat the vast majority of what I said last time.

This time I have a lot more pictures of other items that will be available for sale or auction at the Bead&Button Show.

Here are a few quilts that are in process:

Last time I mentioned there were shadow boxes but didn't show you any.  I made sure to take pictures of some of them for you.  I had to shoot them at an angle because the overhead lights wanted to be in the pictures, too. 

Here are some frames with four squares stitched to form a bigger picture:

Here's that cute crab close up:

I worked on ornaments again and was able to complete four this time:

Remember, these Bead-It-Forward pieces will be available at the Bead&Button Show, either during the Bead Social auction or at a special booth in the foyer outside the Marketplace.  All proceeds go to breast cancer research, a subject near and dear to my heart - quite a number of my family members have had breast cancer.

Also, last year I had an intraductal papilloma (or intramural papilla, as spell check would have me type) in my left breast removed.  There was never a fear it was cancer, although it could have eventually have turned cancerous.  I think.  It was all really hard to understand.  There were many mammograms, an ultrasound, a very uncomfortable X-ray (there are tables with holes in the middle, and all the X-ray stuff happens underneath), two markers were put in (one in the wrong place with ultrasounds and one with my boob in a table hole), and finally the surgery.  All of that for essentially a wart-like thing.

If supporting the Bead-It-Forward project can help any of that get easier to deal with for everyone, we all should pitch in then donate our own squares next year.  Next year's theme is Animals: "Wild about finding a cure".  You can read more about submission guidelines here.

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