Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Iliad-inspired earrings

On March 12th I posted a challenge from my mother-in-law:
I've been reading the "The Iliad", and was interested in a description of a pair of earrings that the goddess Hera wore: "And in her pierced lobes she put a fine pair of earrings, Glowing and graceful three-drop clusters." The Greeks used gold and rock crystal. I issue a challenge to create a pair of earrings that a goddess could wear to seduce Zeus!
I offered a $25 bead gift certificate to Fire Mountain Gems or a bead store of the winner's choice, and I was really interested to see all the different styles of earrings that my readers would create.

The deadline has passed, and I have received no entries.  Steve thinks that maybe recreating earrings for a goddess is too intimidating.  I, however, am undaunted.  (Besides, I'm the one who hosted the challenge, so at the very least I needed to give it a try.)

Here is my interpretation of "glowing and graceful three-drop clusters":

The crystals at the bottom are clear, and the little ones are cloudy, and they look like they'd glow in the right light.

Here are the earrings on a purple background:

I'm not sure if they'd seduce Zeus, but Steve likes them!

If you happen to have made your own earrings and would like to share them (even though the challenge is over), send a picture to traci@creative-pursuits.biz, and I'll post it.

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  1. I just love the earrings! All I wanted to see was your beautiful version. I've put them on my desktop... I thought yesterday about Steve's first April fools joke: I was sent home from the hospital on April first with false labor. April Fool! He didn't show up until two days later.