Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Purple wrapped loop bracelet

Today's project is a bracelet to match yesterday's Purple trio earrings.

Yesterday I talked about dangling a string of the glass beads from wrapped loops.  I decided instead to cluster the beads on different lengths of headpins.  For today's bracelet I decided to follow that original plan.

Using the bracelet beading board I've talked about before, I made a few units and set them down to measure:

The last time I used the bracelet beading board was for the pink cube bracelet I donated to the Cinderella project.  I started in the middle for that bracelet and added beads to either side of the center bead.

For this bracelet, I decided to work from the outside in.  That way I could see what the length was with the clasp on and evaluate what I was going to do next with every unit added to each side.  My first attempt was just under 7", which seemed a little short to me.  I cut apart one unit, remade it, and added one more unit with the slightly smaller round bead:

The bracelet is a bit over 7.5" now, which should be a good length for sale.

Here's a closer look at the finished bracelet:

I should mention that I used the Groovy looping pliers to make the wrapped loops.  As I mentioned in my review, they are great to work with!

I talk a lot here about using up my old beads.  I was hoping there would be enough of these beads to make a matching necklace, but I only have 9 left.  I could make another bracelet (strung instead of with wrapped loops like this one), or I could take some other beads and make a necklace in the same style as this bracelet.  I think I'm going to make a necklace.  Even though I will put the pieces out for sale separately (instead of as a complete set), I like starting out with the option for someone to purchase all three pieces.

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