Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Guitar pick earrings

Today's project is following up on yesterday's mini poker chip earrings.  If you missed it, click that link back there to get caught up.  There's even a video showing you how to make the earrings.  Remember that I'm a jewelry designer and not a film maker.  :)

Yesterday's project was practice for making very simple earrings using guitar picks that my husband and I got at an Adam Ant concert last summer.  I've loved Adam Ant since the Strip album came out (1983 - oh, goodness... that was over 30 years ago!).  This was my second time seeing him in concert.  I determined that I'm too old to go to concerts now.  :D  It was SO loud, and there was very limited seating.  We sat on the floor on a low step for a long time, then Steve went on a mission to find me a chair.  He was able to get a chair a little bit after that, and we were both much happier.  Still going deaf, but happier.

Anyway.  Here's one of the picks:

My goal was to drill a small hole at the top and to hang it from an earring wire.  I didn't want anything fancier than that.

After I did all the work yesterday with Steve's pin vise, I told him it was difficult on my fingers and that my thumb actually got numb from all the turning and turning.  He brought up a hand drill with a crank that would be easier on my hands.  Here it is next to one of the pin vises I showed in yesterday's video:

That part that says "Fiskars" is the crank.  I asked where it came from, and he said he found it in my old house in the drawer with my other tools.  I don't remember buying it, so its origins are a mystery.  It's probably Dave's, an ex-boyfriend who lived with me for a few years.  Don't tell him I have it, though.  He might want it back.  Wait - he has the Dremel tool and all the attachments, so I think he won't miss this little tool.  (If he hasn't after more than a decade, it's probably safe.)

Because this tool was untested, I drilled a hole in another poker chip:

It slipped a little until the hole got started, but I was able to get a good idea of how the tool worked.  I then took a deep breath and drilled one of the guitar picks (I drilled the first one yesterday with the small pin vise):

Whew!  It worked, and the hole is in pretty much the same place as the first pick.  That always makes me nervous, especially when the pieces are irreplaceable.

Here are the final earrings:

I said to Steve, "He looks so mean."  Steve replied, "Well, he had a hole drilled into his head.  That would make anyone mad."

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