Thursday, April 3, 2014

Steve's birthday card

As I mentioned yesterday, today is Steve's birthday.  He's home with pinkeye, so I had to make his card "in secret".  I put that in quotes because closing the door to my studio is very loud (it's a pocket door and makes a lot of racket coming out and going in), so he knew exactly what I was doing.

Usually when making cards I use a rubber stamp for one or more images.  I stamp on a separate piece of paper (in case I screw up) and cut that out and adhere it on the card.  I was planning on doing that today, but I changed my mind when looking through my scrap pieces of paper.

I found a number of pieces of this paper:

I used this paper for a 4th of July weekend we spent at Steve's aunt's in Eau Claire, Wisconsin in 2008.  Yes, I keep all scraps of paper for as long as it takes.  :)

There were enough scraps for me to cut out a large "Celebrate" and a number of small ones:

I layered the large one on some sparkly silver paper to give it a little pizzazz and adhered them all to a gray card:

I didn't stamp on the inside but wrote a nice message, including my appreciation for him emptying the dishwasher, which is what he was doing while I finished the card up.  He was amused.

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