Saturday, May 3, 2014

Iliad-inspired earrings in silver and blue

In March I held a contest for earrings inspired by a quote from the Iliad.  Unfortunately, I was the only one to make a pair of earrings and posted about them on April first.

Here they are:

I really wish I had jotted notes down when I made them because I think it would make a good tutorial.  Today I recreated them in silver with blue crystals so I could write down how to do it.  I also made a slight adjustment to how they hang from the earring wires.

There were a few challenges (mostly due to a few stupid moves on my part), but I was successful in both taking notes and making the earrings:

The loops are more diamond than loop the second time around.  I must have done things just a little bit differently.  I like it, though - it mirrors the shape of the crystals.  These blue crystals are Thunder Polish instead of the Swarovski I used in the first pair.   They're not as flawless, but I love the color.

The next step is to take process shots and to write the tutorial.  With the notes, that will be easy as pie.

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