Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day cards

It's a card-giving holiday, so you know what that means - a short post with a picture of a card!

For the Mother's Day cards I made for Steve's mother and my mother, I didn't want to use my only "Happy Mother's Day" stamp again, so I opted for a simple flower.

Using markers, I colored the picture in on the stamp and spritzed it with water to remoisten the ink and to make the image look a little softer.  I stamped it on spare cardstock and ripped the top and bottom edges (instead of all of the way around like I frequently do).  I adhered that to another piece of scrap cardstock that had the same top-bottom ripped edges.  I then stuck that onto the card.

I stamped a nice "Thank you for everything you do" saying on the inside.

At a local boutique I found a very interesting line of utensil-based gifts from Forked Up Art.  I got my mother a garden art flower made from spoons that is similar to this one, although the spoons are facing the other way.  All of their items are so clever!  They're like my lawn chicken Kirby, who is made out of garden tools (and who likes to wear my jewelry).  You can see him about 2/3 down in this post.  I think this sun face would be cute on the side of the house and maybe this owl would scare the rabbits and squirrels away from our garden (except for the rhubarb - they can have all of that they want).

That's it for today.  Cross your fingers that I can finish the Riding the Waves necklace so I can show it to you tomorrow!

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