Tuesday, May 6, 2014

An exercise in brevity

Happy 300th post!

Yes, that's right, this is my 300th post.  Who knew I had so much to write about?

In a very short four weeks and one day, I will be at the Meet the Teachers Reception at the Bead&Button Show.  While I'll be there to meet and greet, I'll also have a table full of tutorials, kits, and some Xuron tools for sale.

My goal is to have new tutorials ready for the new pieces I've been designing the last few months: the triangle bracelet (now called "SDN15 - Dino-spine"), the Captive Crystal earrings ("SDN15 - Captive Crystal" - sense a theme?), the Iliad-inspired earrings (probably to be called "Hera's Seduction"), and a necklace as-yet-to-be-designed called "Riding the Waves" based on the Wishy Fishy pack of adorable glass fish from Knot Just Beads (seen here in a simple bracelet and earrings).  I'll also have some kits for "Riding the Waves", "Divine Vine", a green version of "It's Got Legs", and a few colorways for the "Hera's Seduction" earrings.

Goodness, am I going to be busy.

What does all this have to do with this post's title, "An exercise in brevity"?

Since many, many people will be coming through the Meet the Teachers Reception, I want to do a little marketing by giving away postcards with a free project.

A few years ago I debuted my first postcard:

Click the picture to see a larger version.

When I designed that postcard, I learned how hard it was to be brief.  It looks like a lot of text, but I usually intersperse text with pictures.  Take the pictures out, and I have to rely only on my words.  For something so short, it took a really long time.

I'm nearly out of these postcards, so it's time for a new one:

This one took a really long time, too.  :)

I'm also linking back to my blog post for the Waltz rope and Polka Dot beaded beads full instructions.  That took a tiny bit of pressure off - if someone needs to see the step-by-step photos, they can look up the blog.

(If you get one of my cards, don't forget to look on the back!)

I've sent off the order to Vistaprint (have you read my Vistaprint review?), so I can mark one thing off of my to do list.  Only 1000 things left (at least).

Oh, I also knit three rounds on the Baobab baby pullover today.  The baby is due next week.  I'd better get moving!

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