Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A challenge and my new "Waltz rope"

It's been a while since I've hosted a challenge.  My mother-in-law has come up with a great one:

I've been reading the "The Iliad", and was interested in a description of a pair of earrings that the goddess Hera wore: "And in her pierced lobes she put a fine pair of earrings, Glowing and graceful three-drop clusters." The Greeks used gold and rock crystal. I issue a challenge to create a pair of earrings that a goddess could wear to seduce Zeus!
I'm not sure how comfortable I am discussing Zeus-seducing with my mother-in-law, but I think it's a fine challenge!  I'll see what I can come up with, and I'd like to see what you come up with, too.

Send a picture of your "glowing and graceful three-drop clusters" to to enter.

The deadline is March 31st, which gives us all plenty of time to think, shop (perhaps at the Madison Art Glass and Bead Show?), and create.

On April 1st, I'll post all of the pictures and open voting, probably through a Survey Monkey poll.  On April 8th, I'll announce a winner.

The prize will be a $25 gift certificate to Fire Mountain Gems or any bead store (online or local) of your choosing (provided they have gift certificates for sale).

If you'd like to help me fund this challenge, please click on any ads over there on the right that interest you.  Thanks!

Now on to regular blog business:

Karen (she who asked the Ott light question that was yesterday's blog post topic) called me this morning to thank me for the post and to tell me that she got a new job!  It's only 12 miles from home, which is a lot shorter than other commutes she's had.  I'm so happy for her!  Congratulations, Karen!  (And don't worry about waking me up.  It was almost 10, and I should have been up anyway, insomnia or not.)

Remember the projects I've been working on lately that may have also been designed by other people?  See the polka dot beaded beads post if you don't remember.  After more research I've determined that mine is different enough that I feel comfortable that I'm not stealing from someone else.  We've determined that it's more a technique than a design, so I'm not going to worry about it anymore.  What I am going to do is write up my technique for my Waltz rope (because it's all in threes) and my Polka Dot beaded beads (because they're faster versions of the Waltz rope) and post it here for anyone who's interested.  With luck I'll be able to do that tomorrow.

My friends looked at me askance when I told them the names (Waltz and Polka Dots), but unless anyone has any better ideas, the names stand.  If you do have a better idea, e-mail me at

To hold you over until I can write things up, here's my finished "Waltz rope" bracelet:

Update: The instructions have been written and are available here.

Eek!  It appears to no longer be Wednesday.  I guess I'd better get to bed!

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