Sunday, May 4, 2014

Quick resin flower earrings

When I discussed my organizational kick a few days ago, I mentioned one area that needed work was my letter tray because I had purchases stored there that hadn't been put into inventory yet.  Some of the purchases are meant for a project I want to get started on, so I decided to start entering things today.  A side benefit is that I finally put in the beads for the earrings I made yesterday and the black/red Captive Crystal earrings I made a few weeks ago.  When I take notes for what parts go into each piece, it's so much easier to write the number down than to write, "new 6mm blue".

Some of the items I entered today came from a goody bag from the Loose Bead Society Retreat that was held the weekend of March 1st.  Most of the things I got in the goody bag I know what to do with - pretty pink Swarovski crystal butterflies, round Swarovski pearls, flower resin beads - but there was a package of resin components including a number of leaves:

Most people seem to just love resin pieces like these.  Me?  I'm not so sure.  The colors are pretty, but I like the feel of glass beads better.  Besides, I know what to do with most glass beads, and I don't know what to do with these.

Keeping in mind the post I recently wrote about experimenting with things I wouldn't normally buy for myself (the Wishy Fishy earrings and bracelet post), I took one of the wrinkly leaves (the orangeish one at the top of the picture) and a flower from this other package I got:

and one of these:

and tried to make an earring out of it.  The blue flower seemed to fit inside the leaf okay, but I mangled a poor headpin this way and that trying to make an earring where the leaf would point down and stay pointing down.  I eventually gave up and made much simpler earrings with the blue flowers and a few 8/0 seed beads:

I'm concerned that the flowers are going to turn too much during wear, but I don't think that can be helped.  The backs of the flowers seem to be a lot heavier than the fronts, and they're going to move around.

My question to you is, do you know what to do with these resin components?  I'd love to see what you've done.  Send pictures to, and I'll post them here (and use them for inspiration)!

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  1. Okay - should have read this post first. I've also been wondering what to do with the resin pieces. I certainly like the earrings you made on the next post. Can't top that.