Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Making kits with my cousin

Shortly after I wrote my Anatomy of a Kit post, my cousin Dawn offered to help me make kits.  She knew I was feeling overwhelmed, and we haven't spent any alone time together in ages.  I said, "Did you read that post I wrote?  There's an awful lot that goes into making kits!"  She insisted she'd "love" to help me, so I said yes.  Who am I to turn down free help?  :)

She came over this afternoon and left around 8.  I didn't take any pictures of her making kits, unfortunately.  We were much too busy!  We took over the kitchen and had boxes and bags and cutters and whatever all over everything.

We started with some of the simpler kits and banged out 9 Divine Vine kits, 2 Cobblestone Path kits, 2 It's Got Legs kits, and 7 Quadrille kits!

We also made a big dent in the Riding the Waves kits.  There are 24 different types of beads in that kit, and I only have 10 left to do.

This tray is holding five of the kits.  There are three more kits in their own containers.

At one point Dawn bemoaned that she was going too slowly.  I countered that everything she did was something I didn't have to do, and that if she wasn't there, I'd likely be napping, so we were getting a lot done.  :)

Thanks for helping me out, Dawn!  I won't feel quite so overwhelmed anymore, at least until I start the tutorials I need to write.

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