Monday, May 5, 2014

Let's try this resin thing again

Yesterday I talked about some resin components I received in a goody bag a few months ago.  My first attempt at making earrings with the oddly shaped leaves was a mess, so I made some easy flower earrings with blue resin roses, a few seed beads, and the One Step Looper.

I also put a call out for suggestions on how to make jewelry with the leaves.  My friend Michelle said she puts Gilder's Paste on them to change the color.  She then uses eye pins and attaches them to chain.

I didn't want to change the look of the leaves, although I probably should have because I don't have two that are the same color.  I also didn't want to make a necklace or bracelet today (I'm not feeling well again and didn't want to get into anything too extensive).

I took some wire and my Groovy Looping pliers and experimented.  I wanted to nestle the little pink flowers in the leaves.

Because of where the holes are (through the flowers' centers), I wasn't sure what to do so the wire wouldn't wrap around the whole flower.  I made a little coil and put the flower on the wire upside down, and it looked just like a little tendril or something.  Problem solved!  I put the leaf on the wire, and I made a very long wrapped loop.

The loops needed to be adjusted somewhat once I put them on the earring wires so the leaves face forward.

Even though the leaves aren't the same color, I think the earrings are cute!  They're reminiscent of spring, which has poked its head out from time to time but still hasn't really arrived.

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  1. I think they're cute too. Were they from the retreat goodie bag?