Friday, March 21, 2014

Karen's iris tea light cover

As I mentioned yesterday, today I am busy at the Madison Art Glass and Bead Show.  I'm writing this Thursday, so it's weird writing as if it was Friday.  Ooh!  A perfect excuse to use the future perfect tense!  I will have been very busy setting up my table, and as this is posting I am going to have been participating in the Make 'n Take event.  Wow.  That's hard.  Enough of that.  Steve just looked at this and said the "going to have been" might be future progressive.  He suggests I break out a copy of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy to review my time travel tenses.

Today, er, in this post (that's better) I'm showing you a tea light cover that my friend Karen made.  I've mentioned Karen before.  She is my biggest fan.  Seriously - I hate to brag, but she has all or most of my designs, and she brought me to Terry's Treasures bead store in King George, Virginia, where they sell tutorials of my designs.  She's a good friend and always is very enthusiastic about everything I do.  It's so nice for someone I've never met to be so supportive of me.

Anyway, a few months ago Karen bought some keys from me.  Remember the iris key I showed you in January?  No?  Fear not.  Here it is:

A week and a half ago I got this in an e-mail from Karen:
I liked your iris pattern for the tubed key so well that I took it and turned it into a tea light cover. The pictures are attached showing how I took your pattern and created it on peyote stitch graph paper. I hope that you approve.
Of course I approve - I love that my pattern is being used in another way!  She sent me a few pictures:

You can see my original pattern on the left, Karen's graph paper setup on the right, and the candle and stitched strip on the bottom.  I wish she had told me she was doing this ahead of time and that she had an iPad (which she mentioned in an e-mail a few days ago) - I would have sent her the PDF of the pattern, and she could have used knitCompanion to read the chart much easier.  If you've missed my review and my update of the review, click here and here. Keep that in mind for next time, and I'm not just talking to Karen.  :)

Here's how it looks around the unlit candle:

And here it is glowing from candlelight:

I feel I must give a disclaimer - if you're going to have a cover like this, please don't leave a burning candle unattended.  Theoretically it should be fine since the beads are made from glass, but you never know what could happen.

It's so cute that I'm going to have to make one for myself! It will look so cute on the shelf above my desk.  Thanks for the idea and for letting me post about it, Karen!

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