Monday, March 24, 2014

Sam Wescott's Super Duo Rosette bracelet

If you missed my mini tour of the Art Glass and Bead Show that I posted yesterday, click here.  There are so many neat vendors to meet!

I still don't have any entries for my Iliad-inspired earring challenge.  I hope that means you're busily working away!  In that post I requested that folks help me pay for the $25 prize and to help me continue blogging by clicking my ads.  I'm happy to say that I am over the threshold and should receive my first check next month.  Yay!  Thank you all so much!  I hope you're clicking because you're interested in the ads and not because I asked.  (But either way, I'm very happy.)

On to today's project.  Yup, you read the title right - I have made someone else's design.  When I was looking around Etsy and the 'net in general to make sure my newest designs (including the Waltz rope) weren't rip-offs, I came across a really pretty bracelet on Etsy by Sam Wescott called SuperDuo Rosette bracelet.  I sent her a message telling her that I really liked it, and by the time I was done complimenting her, I broke down:  "Okay, okay... you talked me into it. I'm going to buy it."

Her tutorial is a digital download and is only $5.  I was happy to pay it, and tonight I was finally able to sit down and make the bracelet.  The instructions were very easy to follow, although I did modify it slightly around the clasp (to make it face the way I wanted it to face) and to do a little reinforcing.  The diagrams were easy to understand, and it didn't take long before I was stitching without looking at the directions.

Over the weekend I bought some amethyst round beads that I was hoping would work with the design.  It calls for 3mm beads, but these were slightly bigger than that.  After a bunch of messing around and realizing I'd have to modify the pattern too much, I dug around until I found some 3mm beads.  They're faceted round, but they still work.

Since I was digging around, I'm not positive how thrilled I am with the colors.  The dark 15/0s on the outside are metallic amethyst gunmetal.  They're so pretty, and I've been wanting to use them in something.  I'm just not positive they mesh well with the white Super Duos and 11/0s.  Well, that's what I get for rushing to pick beads (I was antsy to get started).

I am still going to wear it, though.  It's a very dainty bracelet, and I could see wearing it on its own or with other bracelets of different but similar colors.  Because of how large my wrists are and the shape of my arms, I don't stack bracelets like a lot of women do, but I could with this one.

The embellishments on the outside are done after the bracelet is completed.  For an even slimmer version, that could be left off.  I almost didn't add the embellishments because I liked how delicate it looked without.  However, for this first one I wanted to make it as written.

I'm looking forward to going on quests to find the perfect 3mm round beads and the Super Duos and seed beads to go along with them.

If you'd like to make this bracelet, you can purchase the digital download here.  While you're there, check out the Wescott Jewelry shop, where there are some other tutorials and a lot of beautiful finished jewelry.

Thanks, Sam!

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  1. Thank you so much for the boost, Traci! I love your colors and am glad you were able to tweak the clasp to suit your needs. Thanks for the sweet comments!
    Sam Wescott