Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Owl earrings

Today's post will be short, as I'm still recovering from the weekend.

In preparing for the Art Glass and Bead Show, I bought a lot of supplies. When I ordered from Goody Beads, not only did I save money, I also got these cute lampwork owl beads for free:

I usually prefer to make earrings with components of the same color. A few times I've mixed colors up, and I've been surprised at how cute the results were.
So tonight I made a pair of earrings with the green and blue owls using the "filler" beads that were in between each of the owls:

I'll save the black owl for a bracelet or necklace. If you'd like to make your own adorable owl earrings, you can purchase these beads here.  They're not free, but they're on sale!

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