Thursday, March 20, 2014

Quadrille kit samples

This will be my last post before going to the Madison Art Glass and Bead Show.  The car is packed, and we're just about ready to go!  I've had stuff on the floor of my studio for months - there have been lots of shows and other preparations - and now with all of it either in the car or in the dining room (so I could figure out what needed to go in the car), it feels positively spacious in here.  Expansive, as I told Steve.  Frisco walked around with a bewildered look on his face earlier.  I'm going to have to get it all put away right after this weekend so it doesn't get bad again.  I'll have a few months before my next event, so it's a perfect time to straighten things out.

This will also be my last post about Quadrille.  I know I've talked about it a lot, but that's what I've been working on.  Yesterday I showed you the new earrings (my cousin Dawn said, "Ooh!"), and the day before that it was the new bracelet.

On a side note, remember yesterday I told you of my printing problems?  Except for going through an awful lot of ink (Steve even needed to pick some up on the way home), I have had no more problems.  Whew!  I'm so proud of myself for not only fixing it myself but for not getting upset.  That's huge for me!  (I get frustrated quite easily, especially lately because I haven't been feeling well.)

Yesterday I also told you I made samples of all of the Quadrille colors, and I'm ready to show them to you now:

I wasn't sure about the green, but seeing it stitched up, I think it looks nice.

Here's the sample board that will go on the table:

 This is a hastily-taken picture because Steve was loading the car.

Late last year, I rearranged my sample boards and consolidated some designs on a few larger frames.  I'm glad I did that, because I could just grab this frame and go instead of making another one.  Since I seem to do everything at the last minute, I really appreciated not having to spend time making a new board.

Okay - here's how posting for the weekend is going to go:  Tonight I'm going to write tomorrow's post on something my friend Karen did and schedule it for 10p.  Saturday I'll try to post something after my class (so it will probably be around 10p as well), and Sunday I'll post when I get home.

One more thing for tonight... Thank you all so much for clicking the ads.  I hope you're clicking on things you're interested in and that you're not clicking just to click.  In any case, thank you.  I am SO close to reaching the threshold to get my first check.  That money will fund the Iliad-inspired earring challenge I'm hosting, and it will help me continue to blog every day.  Keep clicking, and I'll keep blogging!

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