Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New Quadrille earrings

Yesterday I showed you a new bracelet I made with my "Quadrille" design with purple crystals instead of purple fire polish beads.

Today I made the matching earrings:

It's good that I did because I found that I'm going to need to add a few extra Super Duos, Rizos, and seed beads just to make sure everyone has plenty.

I also stitched up samples of each of the four colorways I'll have kits for, but I will have to wait to show you until tomorrow.  I'm trying to print out instructions for the Make 'n Take event (then there are the Quadrille tutorials to print!), but my printer has suddenly decided to stop printing black.  The colors are fine, but the black is completely absent.  I'm all over the HP site and forum and am trying to find a solution that works for me.  There are many solutions, but so far none of them are working.  I really do not want to take the printhead off and physically wash it.  That sounds both icky and potentially dangerous.

This is really poor timing.

Update:  After a few more troubleshooting failures and me taking some time to relax and not think about it, I ended up doing the icky and potentially dangerous washing of the printhead.  It took two 10-minute soaks to get most of the ink out, and... it worked!  It worked.  I'm so relieved I don't even know what to say.  It's only 1:00a, so that went much better than I expected.  My hands are really filthy.  Must update blog before washing hands!  :)

On a much happier note, don't forget my Illiad-inspired challenge!  The deadline is March 31st.  You don't want to miss it!

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