Thursday, January 16, 2014

Brick stitch beaded beads

I've been doing really well at keeping up with my "resolution" to create or work on something creative every day.  Many days it's been knitting, but I have already done quite a number of little projects!  I'm getting into the groove of making something during the day/evening/late night and posting about it the next day.  I think that's going to work well for me.  If you're ever curious about what I've been working on, scroll down to the "labels" section over there on the right and click on "2014 projects" link.

I got a really nice comment on yesterday's post about the steel wire squares from my friend Michelle:
Those are great Traci. Of course, I'm going to comment on this because wire is dear to my heart, as you know. First, if you'd like me to harden and polish your squares in my new TUMBLER, just let me know. Next, the ''plastic box'' idea is great. Another couple of ideas would be, a jig, a bench block and square Wubber pliers. Lastly, I hope you forgive me for volunteering you to teach this project. lol
Ooh - a tumbler!  I think I would like these squares hardened and polished.  I'll bring those with me the next time I come over, Michelle!

She's right; a jig (like this one our friend Brenda designed), a bench block, or square Wubbers would have made the process easier.  If I were to do more with steel wire, I'd invest in those things, but I've found I'm happier with a needle, Fireline, and itty bitty beads.

She's also right that she's the one who volunteered me to teach the hands-on project at LBS in March.  I won't know if I forgive her or not until after the program is done.  It'll depend on how well the project goes.  :)

Speaking of that project, I have a few more brick stitch things to show you.  I was playing around with increases and decreases and different sized beads, and I came up with a quasi-beaded bead.  I stitched it to one of the steel frames, and I think it looks pretty cute.

Here's the front:

And here's the back:

It's not closed all the way.  It reminds me of those cookies that are folded over in the middle and have fruit peeking out at the top and bottom.

After this I played around with a slightly wider version and made an actual beaded bead:

This one has four of the gray drops instead of three.  It's too tight to go on a headpin, and beading wire barely goes through the end, so I'm going to make a slightly bigger one that should be more versatile.

Now I have to go back to writing my Quadrille tutorial.  I only have 2 days until the class!

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