Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Shamrock key pendant

I will be very quick today.  Last night I stitched a Shamrock key pendant that I will hopefully be teaching at Knot Just Beads in March.  They need a sample, so I whipped one up:

Soon (I hope) I'll have a listing up on Etsy with all of my holiday patterns ($2 each for PDFs) with options for how much you know.  Don't know peyote?  I'll add the primer on for $5.  Know peyote but not how to do the embellishments and such I have in my patterns?  I'll add those on for $2.  Need the keys?  Please see this other listing.

I wanted to do that today, but the day blew up on me.  It blew up so hard that I now need a nap.  See you tomorrow!

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