Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Steel wire squares

When I showed you my brick stitch pendant a few days ago I mentioned that I'm going to lead a hands-on project for the Loose Bead Society in March.  I'm still experimenting to come up with a project that is easy to understand and simple enough for a large group of people.

There are a number of examples on the 'Net of beading around a metal circle.  I thought maybe we could do something similar but bead inside a square instead of outside a circle.  I found a good square component on Fire Mountain Gems (you can see it here) but wanted to test if my ideas would work before placing an order.

I took out my steel wire tools and asked Steve to bring up his soldering tools, and we made some squares.

I bent the wire around a plastic box that was about the same width as the components I found on FMG:

I made a square the best I could then hammered the crap out of it:

Steve bent it back into shape and squared it up as best he could, then he soldered it together:

I assure you, he is not snorting up the solder smoke.

Here are the final squares:

I used two different gauges of wire.  Throughout this process I have decided (again) that I am not cut out for steel wire work.  My hands are not strong enough to work with it for long.

Now I have a way to test out my ideas.  I worked on it for a while last night but have nothing to show you yet.

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  1. Those are great Traci. Of course, I'm going to comment on this because wire is dear to my heart, as you know. First, if you'd like me to harden and polish your squares in my new TUMBLER, just let me know. Next, the ''plastic box'' idea is great. Another couple of ideas would be, a jig, a bench block and square Wubber pliers. Lastly, I hope you forgive me for volunteering you to teach this project. lol