Saturday, January 11, 2014

Double Duty Decoration

The contest for the Owl and The Pussy Cat Hat pattern giveaway is now over, and Abby is the winner!  I'm working out with the pattern's author on who will send the pattern.  Congratulations, Abby!

What do you do when you see this:

after all of the Christmas decorations have been put into their bins and all of the bins have been put in the attic?  I was ready to stash it in a closet somewhere, but Steve said, "The other side is blank.  Decorate that for the rest of the year!"  I'm paraphrasing because I don't remember the exact conversation.

So I looked through my papers and found a few that were texture-painted with a peach paint back when I worked at Archiver's (let's have a moment of silence for our fallen comrade - after 14 years, they're going out of business).  On it I stamped "LOVE" and the love quote I used on our wedding invitations, then I ripped the edges.  I covered the sign's back with solid cardstock and adhered my stamped paper to it with foam adhesive.  I know I complained about tall embellishments earlier in the week, but this isn't going into an album, so it's okay.

Here it is close up:

The stamps are from "Love is a Great Thing" by Stampin' Up! (2000).

Here it is in in relation to everything else around it:

Steve requested I flip the hourglass over.

I took a $1 Christmas sign and a bit of scrap paper and ingenuity and turned it into a year-round decoration.

Have you done something like that?  E-mail pictures to, and I'll post them here!

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