Sunday, January 19, 2014

Batch of birthday cards

Today we celebrated my stepfather's birthday, which was earlier in the week.  We went to Polonez Restaurant in St. Francis, Wisconsin.  It's a Polish restaurant, and it was very good.  Well it was good up until we were about to leave and found that someone took my coat instead of hers. Fortunately she brought it back, and I'm going to go back on Tuesday to pick it up (they're closed tomorrow).

I'm sure you've figured out that I'm really good at doing things at the last minute.  Making birthday cards is no exception, so I made John's card today.  This time, though, I decided to make a few extra cards for our other fathers' birthdays. The most time consuming part of making cards is designing.  Once I've figured out what I'm going to do, it's easy to "assembly line" the production.

If you happen to be married to either my father or Steve's, please don't show your husbands this blog post.  :)

Here are the cards:

The cards are pre-made that I bought ages ago.  The Harlequin background is stamped on scrap paper (which explains the variation in size and color), the "Birthday Wishes" is stamped with silver ink on black paper, and the black zigzags are ribbon.

I think they turned out well!  Now let's see how long it takes me to clean the stamps.

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