Monday, January 27, 2014

A key pattern webpage (and earrings made by Steve)

I frequently get inquiries about my key patterns - what I have available, how much they cost, and how much the keys are to go with the patterns.  I keep meaning to get Etsy listings up, but I knew they would be pretty complicated since there are a lot of options.  Today I got the second inquiry in a week, so I sat down and made a web page with all the options for all of the types of keys I carry.  I still want to put them up on Etsy, but this is a great way for anyone who's interested to see everything all in one place.  I know this wasn't creating in the traditional sense, but I'm still counting it as one of my 2014 projects.  Along with the web page, I made a few graphics using Photoshop, and they required a fair amount of creativity!  Here's the graphic with my holiday key offerings:

The Star of David key I showed you a few weeks ago will be added when I stitch the mini key.

If you'd like to see the web page that this graphic appears on, click here.  It's not available from my home page yet.  That's a task for another day.

For those of you who are sticklers in having something physically made for my resolution, I will be playing with brick stitch again later on this evening.  To tide you over, I give you earrings made by my husband from resistors for the Gardens and Gears steampunk show at the Mitchell Park Domes:

You may recognize the steel wire frames from my blog post a few weeks ago.  Since I have purchased the frames I want from Fire Mountain Gems, the steel wire ones are now available for other projects.

Steve had the idea this afternoon during our lunchtime chat.  He said, "I think steampunk is more than just gears and keys."  After a bit of discussion, he said, "Should I stop at a Radio Shack and pick up a handful of steampunky looking components? Like lightbulbs and resistors? Resistors would make cool earrings."  We looked at some pictures online and agreed they would make cool earrings.  He picked up a pack of 500 resistors from Radio Shack on the way home, as it was more cost effective than buying individual packages.  He used 20 to make the above earrings.  Only 480 to go!

I told Steve I was going to have to hire him as an employee if he's going to start making product.  Too bad I can't pay him in anything but kisses.

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