Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Day 2: Beaded cat key earrings

If you missed my blog posts lately, I am running a survey to know what kinds of things you'd like to read about.  My mother is still the only person who has responded.  Please, please, please take the survey (you can access it here) and give me your feedback.  I don't want to blog into a black hole.  Thanks!

In keeping with the cat theme from yesterday, today I made some quick beaded cat key earrings.  I love making things with keys, and I have enough keys in my studio right now to unlock every house in Milwaukee, I think.  They wouldn't work of course, but you get the idea.  Piles and piles of keys of all different shapes, sizes, and colors.

That doesn't stop me from buying more, though, when I find unusual ones at good prices.  Michaels craft stores frequently have keys in their themed "dollar" sections.  If I'm lucky, I can get them when they go on clearance, but I won't turn down paying $1 for a set of 4 keys.

The day after Christmas the "Rediscover" section had two different sets of keys, and I had a 40% off entire regular price purchase coupon.  Woo hoo!  I was honestly going to only get two cards of each, but then I took a good look at the littlest key:

The key is really about 1.25" tall

Kitty!  Love it, love it, love it!  I did some quick calculating and decided to get 6 cards.  Each card had one kitty key on it, so I needed two cards for earrings for me plus 4 more cards for 2 more sets to "bead up" and sell.

I wanted to do something quick today, so I just wrapped 28 gauge wire with 15/0 seed beads around and around the keys and up through the loop so the whole thing wouldn't slide down and cover the cat's tail:

I used gray because I want the earrings to go with pretty much anything I want to wear.  Love them!!

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