Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Two exciting upcoming events

Hi!  I thought I'd have a new beading thing to show you, but it turns out that what I thought was going to be a mini SDN15 - Dino-spine ended up being a different technique for a long Polka Dot beaded bead.  For the "official" instructions for that, the smaller bead, and the Waltz rope, click here.  Oops!

Since that didn't work, I thought today I'd take the opportunity to tell you about two events I have in the next month.

The first one is local to Milwaukee and is the Milwaukee Bead Show hosted by Knot Just Beads on October 5th from 10a - 4p.  This year we're at the Greenfield Community Center (7215 W. Coldspring Road, Greenfield, WI).  That's very close to Knot Just Beads, so if you know where that is, you should be able to find the community center just fine.  Parking is free, and admission is just $2.  There will be a beading lounge for open beading, and there are a number of vendors, including me (Creative Pursuits), Knot Just Beads, friend of the blog Cindy Collins/Beadwork Ingenieur (you have to see her polymer clay pumpkins and other creations!), Funky Hannah's, and more!  There will be concessions there offered by American Legion Auxiliary #416, so come early, get lunch, and stay for the day!

I'll have my tutorials, kits, keys, and some Xuron tools.  I have some new designs from last year, so please stop by and see me!

Just two days later Steve and I will be riding the rails from Chicago to Washington D.C.!  We will be sleeping upright in the train (instead of in a very expensive sleeper car) then touring the sights and a few museums.  We're both very excited by this trip - we never leave for more than a day or two - and we're so happy that my friend Amy will be by every day to poke at the cats and change their water and all the rest.  I hope Frisco (our youngest) will let her see him at least a little so we don't have to worry.

I believe I've mentioned before that Terry's Treasures carries tutorials of my designs.  They're in King George, Virginia, which turns out to be just about an hour away from where we'll be staying in Springfield, Virginia.  I couldn't be so close and not go to see them, so I called and offered to teach a class or two.  They very graciously let me have the entire day on Saturday, October 11th!

I'll be teaching two classes.  The first one will be earrings using my Jack O' Lantern Tubed Key design:

I'll be making a sample pair of earrings, so look for that in an upcoming post!  I'll also be bringing my keys in case anyone is interested.

The best thing about this is that I'll be able to meet Karen (you can see what she did with one of my large tubed key patterns here).  She's been my best customer, and I love corresponding with her!  It'll be so nice to put a face to her name!  She's already signed up for both of my classes.  Thanks, Karen!

The second class is the ever-popular Ever-Evolving Spiral.  We'll cover the bracelet, but they'll have the instructions for the matching necklace:

That's about it!  If you're in the Milwaukee area, come see me at the Milwaukee Bead Show on October 5th, and if you live in Virginia, please take one of my classes at Terry's Treasures on October 11th!  If you live somewhere else but know folks either in Milwaukee or Virginia, please share this blog!


  1. Very exciting about your teaching at Terry's Treasures! Good luck and have fun. I'll be anxious to hear how the trip is. Washington, D.C. is so amazing and so much is free but be prepared to do a lot of walking. Don't forget to see the Franklin Roosevelt Memorial - it's my favorite and awesome. If you have time, do some background reading on how and why the monument was designed the way it was. That will make the experience all the better. There are so many memorials.... OMG.... I want to go too!

    1. Thanks, Carol! We'll be sure to check that memorial out. Yeah, I know it's going to be a lot of walking. I'm a little worried about that, but I have new shoes that will hopefully help. We'll be going to three museums, too, so we'll definitely be pooped every night!