Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Vinyl decals for a dental hygienist's office

Kate is a good friend of mine, and she's been over to my house a time or two.  She loved the decals I put up in our kitchen, so when the dentist she works for gave her leave to paint and decorate her room any way she wanted, she knew that she wanted to incorporate some decals in her decorating scheme.

She ordered the words "HAPPY", "SMILE", "BRUSH", "&", "FLOSS", and later she asked if I could cut "OPEN WIDE!" with whatever was left over (smaller than the others).  I designed the decals on my Gypsy and sent her screen shots (taken with my phone) so she could approve them.  For "HAPPY" and "SMILE", I added a flower.

Here's the cutting mat with "FLOSS" taken off:

The mats go to 24", so you can imagine just how big these decals are.  I welded the letters so each word is in one piece.  Oh - I should say that these decals were cut using my Cricut Expression.

Here's a cutting mat with the leftover vinyl removed:

This past weekend, Kate and her husband put up all the decorations - pictures and the decals.

After putting the transfer tape on the top of the word, here's Kate's husband (with an appropriate T-shirt on) holding "HAPPY" up on the wall so Kate can approve the positioning:

Kate then peeled off the decal's backing (the transfer tape is only sticky enough for positioning) and posed for the camera:

then she stuck the decal on the wall and burnished it:

That's to make sure that the decal has a firm hold on the wall.  Here she is peeling off the transfer tape:

It's done and looks great!

Here are the other decals:

That "Tooth Fairy" picture to the right of "FLOSS" was drawn by Kate's daughter.  She's so talented!

That's it!  Oh, wait... where's "OPEN WIDE!"?  Look up:

Just a gentle reminder of what you're supposed to do when sitting in that chair!  :)

Kate said everyone loves her new room (including the decals)!  I'm so happy I played a part in that.

If you'd like to do something similar to your office or a room in your home, contact me at traci@creative-pursuits.biz.


  1. Great blog featuring ME! Truly, this room is a JOY to walk into and Traci was so easy to work with! (I always have to "tweak" things to get them "perfect" and she did a great job accommodating!) So far, this morning, every patient has commented on the cool stickers and the "Open Wide" on the ceiling makes them smile! Open wide now! kate

  2. I've never seen a hygienist's room look so personalized!