Saturday, September 13, 2014

Recipe scrapbook page - Chicken in Creamy Pan Sauce

I've blogged before about scrapping family recipes, although it seems I only posted about our German potato salad in More vinegar!  In that post I explain why I think scrapping family recipes is so important, what to keep in mind while scrapping (showing before and after pictures, using your own or a relative's handwriting, and the like), and how important bacon is.  If you haven't read that post (or if you'd like a refresher on all of the above), click here.  I seemed to have been particularly witty that day, so that's worth checking it out if nothing else.

If you're a frequent reader of my blog (or even a pop-in-here-and-there reader), you know that jewelry designing and my business has been my main focus the last few years.  I haven't done any scrapbooking at all, and the events have been piling up.  We're about to go on vacation, so there will be a whole other book that will need to be done.  Steve keeps making comments like, "if we ever scrap again," which upsets me, but I know he's right.  Scrapping means that SO much has to be pulled out, and I have to remember where this punch or that embellishment is (or even if I have any appropriate embellishments).

With beads it seems so much easier.  I typically buy everything I need for a project at the same time, pull anything else out from my extremely organized seed bead center, put it in a pile on my desk or in a baggie, and there it sits until I'm ready to start on it.  I only need a small area on my desk to work, or if I'm going somewhere else to bead, I throw the baggie or pile of bead tubes in my extremely organized bead Caboodle (which can be seen in that same post, and which everyone calls my "magic box").  That's it!  No muss, no fuss.

So Steve has decided to take matters in his own very capable hands.  He has scrapped before, and not just gift albums for new babies (the most recent one can be seen here).

One of our favorite dinners is Kraft's Chicken in Creamy Pan Sauce, although we like calling it "Chicken in CREEPY Pan Sauce" or just "Creepy Chicken".  We originally got the recipe from their website and printed it out.  We always have it with cherry/grape tomatoes and basil on top, and it's so good.  After making it dozens of times, the page was grease-spotted and slightly translucent.  Instead of printing out another one, Steve thought it was time it was scrapped - scrapbooked, that is.

He took pictures of each of the steps, including...

gathering all the ingredients together:

frying the chicken:

cutting the tomatoes and basil:

and plating:

That looks so tasty!  There's more sauce that goes on that, but you get the idea.

With a minimum of "Where's this?  Where's that?  What embellishments do you have?" Steve set up shop at the kitchen table and made a very cute set of scrapbook pages:

You can see he separated the steps out in text and pictures, and he split the title across both pages like I did in the "More Vinegar!" page.  I like that he hand-drew the letters - it looks different from other pages we've done.

If you're worried about the pages getting messed up in the cooking process, don't.  The pages are in protectors in an album, and the album is always kept away from the stove.

Here's the official recipe again:  Chicken in Creamy Pan Sauce.  If you'd like to see my Pinterest board of favorite recipes, you can find that here, or you can follow all of my boards (which includes pins of my blog posts as well as various craft and non-craft things I've found) here.  If you follow me, I'll follow you!

Post a comment with your favorite online recipes (with links to the page if you can) here.  We're always looking to try new things.  I don't like peppers or spicy food, though, but post those recipes anyway so others can try them out.  Who knows?  Your recipe could become one of our favorites, and when that page becomes translucent, we'll scrap that one, too!


  1. I've had "creepy chicken", and it's good!

  2. You are an inspiration! Here is a recipe that I make frequently on cool mornings. (I'm making it now as a matter of fact.) It's called 'Make Ahead...' but I do it the morning of, eat some and save the rest for future mornings. There are a lot of possibly unusual ingredients, but it's worth the effort. (If you're interested in trying it, I'd be happy to donate some chia seeds and flax for your first go around.)

    1. Hmm.. I don't know about that one, Carol. :) I think I'd rather try the Berry Almond Bliss one. Where you get the steel cut oats from?