Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I have a confession...

Last week I showed you the Ever-Evolving Spiral necklace I made that perfectly matched one of my tops.  If you missed it, you can read about it here or take a peek at this picture:

The colors are great, and it's a great length, right?  Well, the colors are great, but... I'm a fraud!  It was not a great length!

When I was stitching the necklace, I measured a number of times until I reached what I thought was the middle.  Then I figured out how many more teal sections were needed and laid the beads out for them.  Then I stitched until the end and didn't measure when it was all done.  I did test it on my neck, and it seemed fine, but after I added the clasp and wove in the thread, it was too short.  It fit, but it was too tight.

My husband said, "Do you have more of those snap clasps?" then suggested what I was already thinking - add an extender.  I grabbed beading wire, another snap clasp, some clear 6/0 (or so) beads, a few crimp beads, and my trusty Xuron 4 in 1 crimper tool.  In no time at all, I had an extender:

It's a little over 2" long.  Here's how it looks on the necklace:

Of course, this will only work with necklaces that have the same size snap clasp.  Since it's behind the neck, it wouldn't matter if the clasps were different colors.

It wasn't uncomfortable like I thought it would be, but I decided to take apart one end of the necklace and add a few inches to it.  I'll keep the extender around in case I want the necklace a touch longer or if I screw up in my measuring again.  In its spare time it can be a necklace for my turtle:

No, I didn't forget about the tongue twister I promised you.  It's coming.  I'm hoping to have a final project to show you first.


  1. Hi Tracy, my name's Mike and I work for Lindstrom Precision Tools. I see when you started out you did not want to invest in Lindstrom pliers, like a lot of people who take up this hobby. It appears you are still at it. If you still want some of our pliers and don't have any, drop me a note (mike.billings@lindstromtools.com) or leave a note on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Lindstrom.USA and I'll make arrangements to send you a couple of pliers for evaluation (you can keep them as long as you provide me some feedback). How's that sound?

  2. This is such a clever idea! I might make a few of these in different lengths. Not to cover up a mistake (because, of course I never have mistakes - HA!). But sometimes I make a necklace shorter to go with a work-appropriate top but sometimes it'd be nice to have that same necklace a little longer if I'm wearing something on and evening or weekend that's a little more skin baring.

    Such a great idea for extending your jewelry collection!

  3. Thanks, Jill! Sorry I didn't see this before - I seem not to be getting e-mails of all my comments. How irritating. I hope you and all of your boys are doing well. Yes, I still plan on knitting a sweater for the littlest one. I still haven't finished the one he was supposed to get. I've been swamped!