Sunday, April 4, 2010


I was right - Summer went away and Spring came back.  We had a little bit of rain Saturday morning, and it got a little chilly.  We went out later and BOOM! everything looked greener.  The trees and bushes are starting to bud, but the grass is starting to look phenomenal.

The weather today was gorgeous, and I commented to my husband that Spring is my favorite time of year.  We're shaking off the cold nastiness of winter, and everything's coming to life again.  That's the obvious reason everyone gives, but for me it seems to go a bit deeper.  The temperature may be the same in April as it is in September, but Spring just feels different and makes me feel different.

I love opening the windows and letting the air move through the house.  In my old house I didn't do this.  I just opened the front and sometimes the back door and let the wind blow through the screens.  Here we open the curtains and the windows and throw Fe (she's the most portable of the cats) onto a window sill.  The other cats will migrate to the other windows over time.

I feel energized and motivated and want to do things (generally not housework, unfortunately).  I think I will let that feeling grow this Spring and see what I can accomplish!  Stay tuned!

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