Saturday, April 3, 2010

Speaking of color...

I am very proud of my craft room.  When my husband looked through the house he took one look at this room with its built in boomerang-shaped desk and said, "This is Traci's room!"  We loved the rest of the house, too, and have been here since October 2008.

Before I would move any of my stuff in, however, I declared that we needed to de-green it.  Not that I don't like green, but my room HAS to be purple.  Of course.

Isn't he sweet?  Well, we properly purpled the room and moved me in.  I love it in here.  Now that I have a laptop, I'm in here all the time.  I have one bookshelf for my scrapbooks and scrapbook magazines and books, plus a few odds and ends:

Another bookshelf has my jewelry supplies, magazines and books, my crochet magazines and books, and more odds and ends, plus a wheeled cart I've had FOREVER that has a jumble of jewelry supplies (extra points to anyone who can tell me what the most prominent stickers are from).  On top of a cart is a pyramid of clear containers from The Container Store (love that place!) where I have chipboard, pre-cut mats, and slides and frames.

Turning the corner there is one of the two doors and the start of my "close at hand" scrapbook materials.  The two black carts have drawers for scrapbook paper.  Each is labeled with what is inside, so I can easily find the color of paper or theme that I need.  On top is my Cricut station.  My stepfather found these two cabinets in the basement - they're perfect!  To the left is my non-Stampin' Up! stamps, my inks, and my portable stamp tote.  The drawers are also labeled so I know what is in what drawer.  I did this using stamps and Staz-On ink.  That stuff is amazing, and I use it quite a bit.

Oh, yeah, there's the cat bed, too.  :)  You can also see some of my Stampin' Up section, but this next pictures shows that part of the room better:

I have baskets for punches, containers for SU! pens, acrylic stamps, wheel stamps, embellishments, ribbons, etc...  The binders you see are for my extremely obsessive compulsive stamp index.  I'll post about that another time.  Also, to the left you can see my tote that I take with me to crops.  I put what I need in that and maybe one other bag, bring my Cricut and Gypsy, and off I go!  No more dragging out the big wheeled container.  That is hiding in the closet.

The final picture is my desk.  It's clean for once but doesn't stay that way long:

Here I have my most frequently used items - pens, scissors, embellishments, ribbons, patterned scrapbook paper (although my cats Simoon and Pixel like to lie on it to keep me company.  Fortunately it zips closed!), phone, pictures, etc...

To the left is the closet which has shelves.  More of my supplies and extra cardstock are in there.  And to the left of that is the other door, and we've finished the circle of my room.

You can see all over that I have a ton of iris pictures, various knick knacks, and inspirations.  In this last picture you can see the @, *, T, and Create.  They've all been stamped on (with Staz-On).  I love altering things like this to give items my own flair.

I love my room, love being in here, love that my cats feel comfortable spending time with me in here, and love that it's organized in a way that I can quickly find what I need so I can spend more time on my projects!

To quote "The Stepford Children", "I'm a VERY lucky girl!"

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